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Nice, you´ve come to the right place! But first I want to introduce myself.

Hej Peter, I would like to get to know you better… Tell me something about yourself!

Hi there, of course! I'm happily employed @Baconbold, but always open for art projects. I'm not looking for a job but I'm motivated to learn new things. Even though I am grumpy sometimes, I am always happy to hear your story.

Ah, okay. Anything else I should know?

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10 facts you didn't know about Peter *click*

Illustrated Portrait of Peter Oswald with flowers in his beard in front of a blue sky with fluffy clouds

illustration by @giopota 

  • Based in Vienna and Graz

  • Favourite Colour NCS S 4030-N90B (Pantone 17-4911)

  • looking for a job

  • being self employed

  • Working on becoming a sourdough-pro

  • Recent water rowing record at 40mins, 6,8km

  • Riding a PUCH Bagarre

  • Playing Zelda Breath of the wild atm

  • Favourite Poet: Childish Gambino

  • Proud dad of about 40 house plants

  • Current beard hair count: 15.372

  • Self-appointed art critic since 1994

  • Fun fact: You can find teaching material for German as a Foreign Language about me on the Internet.

My life started when I decided to drop out of school. It just wasn’t my thing and I had the urge to finally work on something practical. I was always doing many things at the same time. Graphic design or taking pics simply wasn't enough. I wanted to make things happen - to move - so motion design became my next project. 

In 2014 I started as an interdisciplinary designer for FOON agency based in Graz. What I liked most about my job were the stories behind the brands. I wanted to play an important role in developing brands, not necessarily in building brands from scratch. In other words, I wanted to be the one who pushes brands to the next level. In Super Mario terms: “I'm not the mushroom that makes you grow bigger, I'm the fire flower which lets you shoot freaking balls of fire.” I hope you get the idea.

While working at FOON I also did some jobs as a self-employed photographer and completed a training to become a media designer. To give all of my side-projects a common home, some friends and I started an art-society called “das Uhrwerk” which included a studio of our own. 

Things worked out pretty well but in 2019 I knew something had to change. I moved to Vienna and started working at Bacon & Bold as a digital creative focusing on motion design and illustrations. A short time ago (2020) I finished a small project for Warner Music UK and at the moment I am busy finishing this website for handing in my application for a funded studio in Vienna (fun fact, no Atelier for me, but still searching).

So you can see I’m always up for creative projects besides my job.


Let me show you my world… ahm I mean… work

So have a bite and taste some of the things I already did. Would you like some appetizing illustrations, handsome commissions, distinct photographs or vivid paintings? Have a look at them and enjoy.

Here you can read what the little voice is telling me:

A year has passed

Changing your whole life is never easy, but it is possible. Wanna read more about my experience, just read it.

A good time to be (alive) in isolation

We all know that the next few weeks are going to be difficult. Isolated at home, with our Family, Friends or Partner (if possible) or even alone. Some are out there and fighting against the Virus und trying to keep the system running as good as possible…

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