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Hej Peter, I would like to get to know you better… Tell me something about yourself!

Hi there, of course! I'm happily employed @Baconbold, but always open for art projects. I'm not looking for a job but I'm motivated to learn new things. Even though I am grumpy sometimes, I am always happy to hear your story.

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Illustrated Portrait of Peter Oswald with flowers in his beard in front of a blue sky with fluffy clouds

portrait by @giopota

Based in Vienna & Graz
Favorite Colour: NCS S 4030-N90B 
Riding a PUCH Bagarre
Playing Zelda Breath of the wild atm
Proud dad of about 40 house plants
Current beard hair count: 15.372
Self-appointed art critic since 1994

Fun fact: You can find teaching material for German as a Foreign Language about me on the Internet.

Exhibitions & inresting stuff:

2016 - tasty new era // Designmonat Graz, Solo Show

2020 - One Pride, Warner Music // Commission 

2021 - Banale Banale // Group show, Graz

2021 - We <3 Illustration // Group Show, Graz

If you wanna read further…

My life started when I decided to drop out of school. It just wasn’t my thing and I had the urge to finally work on something practical. I was always doing many things at the same time. Graphic design or taking pics simply wasn't enough. I wanted to make things happen - to move - so motion design became my next project. 

In 2014 I started as an interdisciplinary designer for FOON agency based in Graz. What I liked most about my job were the stories behind the brands. I wanted to play an important role in developing brands, not necessarily in building brands from scratch. In other words, I wanted to be the one who pushes brands to the next level. In Super Mario terms: “I'm not the mushroom that makes you grow bigger, I'm the fire flower which lets you shoot freaking balls of fire.” I hope you get the idea.

While working at FOON I also did some jobs as a self-employed photographer and completed a training to become a media designer. To give all of my side-projects a common home, some friends and I started an art-society called “das Uhrwerk” which included a studio of our own. 

Things worked out pretty well but in 2019 I knew something had to change. I moved to Vienna and started working at Bacon & Bold as a digital creative focusing on motion design and illustrations. A short time ago (2020) I finished a small project for Warner Music UK to celebrate diversity.

So you can see I’m always up for creative projects besides my job.

Let me show you my world… ahm I mean… work

So have a bite and taste some of the things I already did. Would you like some appetizing illustrations, handsome commissions, distinct photographs or vivid paintings? Have a look at them and enjoy.